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Cancellation of the Grand Prix of Germany 2018
Wrestling Women
Seniors/Juniors and Cadets (WW), Dormagen

April 11, 2018/Dormagen(GER)    The United World Wrestling Federation (UWW) surprisingly moved the cadet European championship from Kiev (Ukraine) to Skopje (Macedonia) last week. There were serious concerns about the event in Kiev and the Ukrainian Ministry of Sport could not ensure that all European nations could participate, the German Wrestling Federation informed. This relocation alone would have been unproblematic in view of the wrestling Grand Prix of Germany (WW) in Dormagen. But the postponement to the week from 14 to 20 May affects the organizing AC Ückerath in particular. The traditional event at the TSV Bayer Sports Center was to be held as the 21st Hans-von-Zons tournament from May 18-20.

The board of the AC Ückerath together with the steering group Grand Prix analyzed the situation caused by the surprising relocation of the European Cadet Championships this Tuesday. The result: The intention to hold a quality tournament in Dormagen for all age groups is no longer guaranteed. The number of registrations so far suggests that the number of participants is too low, which does not correspond to the previous standard of the German Grand Prix. AC Ückerath is not able to host the Grand Prix this year for all these reasons. Due to the well-known international sports program, a postponement is not feasible in 2018.

AC Ückerath regrets the collision of dates not caused by the club. AC Ückerath is interested in continuing the tradition of the Grand Prix next year. A possible date is the period 3-5 May 2019. However, this still had to be discussed with all institutions and associations involved.